Meet the Team


Ibrahim Dil
Islamabad, Pakistan

Ibrahim is a Fulbright scholar from Pakistan pursuing his graduate degree in architecture at IIT. He graduated from the National College of Arts, Lahore with a bachelor’s degree in architecture. After working for a couple of different architectural practices in Islamabad he decided to pursue graduate education in Chicago. His particular interest in this project is about establishing an everlasting relationship specifically with Eden place and the city of Chicago in general.
Ibrahim's interests include art, music and travel. These feed his enthusiasm for a multi-disciplinary approach to architectural design. 

Matthew Docter
Detroit, Michigan

Matt graduated from Taylor University with a bachelor's degree in engineering  physics.  After working for an automotive assembly manufacturing company in Michigan he and his wife moved to Chicago so Matt could pursue his masters degree in architecture.
Matt's interests include graphic design, wood/metal working,  playing guitar, watching movies, swimming, biking, running, and of course architecture.
Ryan Klinger
Los Angeles, CA

Ryan attended Woodbury University in Los Angeles, California, earning a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Post graduation he moved to Huntington Beach, Ca. for 2 years and worked as the Senior Solar Designer for a company specializing in installing residential photovoltaic systems in Southern California. He continued his passion for architecture by returning to his home state and pursuing a post-professional M.S. of Architecture degree at IIT. He is currently researching an argument to establish the validity of the single family home as a continuing building model. Ryan is interested in building furniture, exploring new cultures, world travel, and various activities that get him outside and in nature.

Maxwell McCloskey
Lake Tahoe, California

Max graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a bachelor's degree in Environmental design with an emphasis in Architecture.  After graduating, Max moved to Aspen Colorado where he worked for an architecture firm specializing in multi-family and single unit residential.  Max is interested in a craftsman approach to design, emphasizing materiality, detailing, and sustainability.
In his free time Max enjoys eating good food, skiing, and flyfishing.

Kelly Moynihan
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kelly graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor's degree in architecture. After working for a design/build firm in Minneapolis and residential and hospitality firm in Vail, Colorado, she moved to Chicago to pursue her master's degree at IIT.
 Kelly's passions include drawing, painting, film, cooking, and any excuse to explore a new place.

Joseph Peltier
Chicago, IL

Joseph is an alumnus of Arizona State University where he studied Urban Planning. His first exposure to community-based design was helping facilitate design charettes as an intern in the City of Scottsdale, AZ Advance Planning + Design Studio. After college he decided to return to his hometown of Chicago to pursue a graduate degree in architecture from IIT.
Joseph's interests include photography, furniture design, making things with his hands, and running.

Logan Reed
Chicago, IL
Passive House Certification, construction costs, media, & making the coffee

Logan graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with degrees in economics and psychology. Before coming to IIT he apprenticed as a mechanical contractor/industrial engineer for four years.
Logan's interests include film photography, wood/metal working, and apiary.

Sonya Shah
Grapevine, Texas

Sonya has a Bachelors of Science in Architecture from Texas Tech University, and was part of several organizations including being a Teaching Assistant for a Studio for 2 years. Through her undergrad, she was given the opportunity to travel to Europe and Africa. After graduating with her undergraduate degree she took some time off to travel to India.
 Sonya's interest are photography, painting, cooking, eating, and traveling around the world.

Professor Frank Flury
Karlsruhe, Germany

Frank received his masters in architecture from the University of Karlsruhe in Germany and carpenter training at the Freiburg Chamber of Handicrafts.

Professor Flury's last design build project won the AIA's Distinguished Building Award.