Thursday, February 16, 2012

What We've Been Up To

We're not technically architects yet. Even once we graduate we need to intern almost 6,000 hours before passing seven tests before we can be licensed (yeah, it scares us too). Hence, we had to find an actual architect willing to stamp our  drawings. In our case this is going to be one of our professors, Dirk Denison of Dirk Denison Architects. We met with two of his employees yesterday who helped us find errors in our drawing set before we go to zoning and permitting.

We also met with another of our professors, Sachin Anand, who's a partner/mechanical engineer at dbHMS (design build engineering). They do a lot of high end projects all over the world. They've recently completed both Aqua by Jeanne Gang and The Poetry Center by John Ronan. Now they get to add the Nature Studio at Eden Place to their list. Definitely a big step for them (yes, I'm kidding).

They also threw in a good word for us with a rep from Mitsubishi. They manufacture a heating and cooling system that's rapidly gaining popularity because it doesn't require duct work and does both heating and cooling. The system is a mini-split heat pump called Mr. Slim. They're also more efficient than traditional conditioning systems -- what's not to love?

It's incredibly nice out today so we went outside and staked out the building in front of Galvin Library. Still massaging that floor plan. It's hard to change once you've dug a big hole and filled it with concrete.

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