Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Funding Update

This last week has been busy but exciting. Since launching our Kickstarter we have raised close to half our goal! In the next 19 days we need to raise another $5,700 to reach our goal so help us out and spread the link to anyone and everyone who supports charitable work, sustainable architecture, environmental education, urban green spaces, and Chicago.

We have a Kickstarter goal set at $10,000, which is a mark we believe we can obtain, but there's nothing stopping us from raising more. Below is a breakdown of the estimated costs for Nature Studio, this also shows where we stand right now.

Visit our Become a Sponsor page to see the impact your support has; we will be updating the cost diagram as we continue to gain funding. We will also be recognizing all of our supporters on our website, so look for that to go up shortly. In related news Ozinga, a major concrete manufacturer for the Chicagoland area, has offered their generous support for our project.

Ozinga has a whole division of green technologies and we will be working with them to create a sustainable solution for Nature Studio. They have recommended a concrete mix with 50% recycled aggregate such as ash, slag, porcelain and glass. They have a great green building website which you can check out HERE