Friday, March 30, 2012

Model Update

What's this you ask? Why, it's a charcoal starter, but Flury is notoriously cheap and more importantly German; he likes his sausages. Being in the wood shop there's a lot of scrap wood to be had that would otherwise be landfill, so Flury salvages poplar, oak, and basswood and uses it to cook his daily sausages (which he sometimes even shares with us). Lots of people talk about being "green", but this is a fairly direct way of actually doing something.

Notice the "custom" 2x4 platter and unmarked bread packaging.

The model breaks apart to show a section of the built construction. We've tried to model all the actual materials as they'll be built.

Then Joe built the walls as they would actually be built -- modeling every 2x4... The black is the vapor barrier and the underground stuff is our concrete foundation and insulation.

This is the cedar (modeled with mahogany) rain screen. It's not attached yet, but you can also see the gravel perimeter and posts for the columns that support our overhang.